MLT Songwriting Award

Past Winners

2019  Kerryn Fields  - 'Mamma'  

2018  Chanelle Davis - 'I Love You' 

2017   Mal McCallum


2016   Joint Winners:

- Katie Thompson, Christchurch

- Jenny Mitchell, Gore

- Joanne Buchanon, Invercargill

2015  Kaylee Bell, Waimate & Jared Porter, Australia

2014  Toni Randle Keegan, Auckland 

2013  Graeme Webb, Ohaupo

2012  Lousie Lumsden, Auckland

2011  Kirstin Macdonald, Tokonui

2010  Lauren Thompson, Auckland

2009  Barry Saunders, Wellington

2008  Andrea Cruickshank & Lisa Cruickshank-Ulrich

2007  Chanelle Davis, Auckland

2006  Malcolm McCallum, Auckland

2005  Aaron Jury, Balclutha

2004  Lisa Cruickshank-Ulrich, Queenstown

2003  Kylie Harris & Darin Pavone, USA

2002  Will Northcoat & Andrea, Queenstown

2001  Kylie Harris & Malcolm Nashville, USA

2000 Professional: Terry Gavin, Sydney, Australia

2000 Amateur: Peter Cairns/Debbie Wright, Gore

1999 Professional: Terry Gavin, Sydney Australia

1999 Amateur: Sandra Thomas, Australia

1998 Professional: Joy Adams, Huntley

1998 Amateur: Rosy Parsons, Lake Hawea

1997 Professional: Robbie Dalzell, South Australia

1997 Amateur: Wendy/Errol Nicholson, Hamilton

1996 Professional: Wendy/Errol Nicholson, Hamilton

1996 Amateur: Peter Kirwan, Ashburton

1995 Professional: Bill Presse, Australia

1995 Amateur: Lois Willets, Wyndham

1994 Professional: Terry Gavin, Sydney Australia

1994 Amateur: Paul Musson, Qld Australia

1993 Professional: Judy McTaggart, Queenstown

1993 Amateur: Ian Hoffman, Wellington

1992 Professional: Barry Forrester, NSW Australia

1992 Amateur: Brenda Anderson-Coley, Upper Hutt

1991 Professional: Terry Gavin, Sydney Australia

1991 Amateur:  Paul Musson, Qld Australia

1990 Professional: Ossie Clark/Roy Cooper, NSW Australia

1990 Amateur: Brendan Anderson, Upper Hutt


1989 Professional: Ossie Clark/Roy Cooper/John McCall, Australia

1989 Amateur: Tim Hall, New Plymouth

1988 Professional: Eddie Low, NSW Australia

1988 Amateur: Arthur McRedmond/Ron Josephson, Australia

1987 Professional: Allan Barron, Christchurch

1987 Amateur: Dave McDougall, NSW Australia

1986 Professional: Bruce Bremner/Tom Bradley, Auckland

1986 Amateur: Wayne O'Connell, Methven

1985 Professional: Sybil McKenzie, Papakura

1985 Amateur: Phil Corfield, Oamaru

1984   Ian Betteridge, Australia

1983  Alice & Brad Fischer, Wellington

1982  Graham Gould, Australia

1981  Ian Betteridge, Australia

1980  Jeff Rea, Crookston


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